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Upholstery Cleaning

Professional Furniture Cleaning in San Jose, CA

Homeowners are well aware of the wear and tear on upholstered furniture. Whether it’s the result of kids, pets, visitors, or the daily hustle and bustle, inevitably, dust, pollen, food crumbs, stains, and odors will find their way onto your beloved furniture and fabrics. Surprisingly, in homes with carpets, a staggering 80% of all the dirt and dust tracked in can end up settling on these surfaces. But there’s no need to settle for dirty furniture as the norm. At Almaden Chem-Dry, we specialize in revitalizing your home and restoring its pristine appearance. Through professional carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaners in San Jose, CA, let us transform your living space and make it look new again!

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Experience the rejuvenating power of Almaden Chem-Dry as we provide you with exceptional upholstery cleaning in San Jose, CA. Our goal is to extend the lifespan of your furniture while ensuring a safe and healthy environment for both kids and pets. Our team of professional cleaners will expertly refresh and revitalize your furniture, breathing new life into your living space. With our quick-drying process, you and your family can enjoy your furniture again in no time. When it comes to profound yet gentle couch cleaning, Almaden Chem-Dry is unrivaled. Our furniture cleaning service uses proven state-of-the-art techniques.

Our upholstery cleaning services are strong enough to clean the deepest stains, and our upholstery cleaner is gentle enough not to damage furniture and safe enough for your entire family.

Tested and Proven Results

Chem-Dry commissioned a leading independent laboratory to test the performance and healthfulness of our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) cleaning process. The lab concluded that Chem-Dry’s HCE process removes common non-living household allergens from upholstery. The allergens tested were dog and cat dander and dust mite parts. Chem-Dry is a professional furniture cleaner that you can trust with your health.

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Clean Upholstered Furniture a Better Way

Worry no more when you decide to hire a professional upholstery cleaner in San Jose from Almaden Chem-Dry. Our cleaners use our own proprietary upholstery cleaners, so there’s no need to worry about soaps or harsh chemicals that can leave a sticky residue and could be harmful to your children and pets. Our upholstery cleaning process gives furniture a deep-down healthier clean that is safe for the whole family, dries quickly, and resists re-soiling.

Imagine our upholstery cleaner in San Jose, breaking away dirt and grime from the fibers of your furniture for a quick, effortless clean. Our cleaning solution revitalizes furniture for a fresh, healthier look that lasts. We use specialized extraction equipment to remove the cleaning solution along with dirt, dust, and non-living allergens from the air in your home-leaving behind only brighter, cleaner furniture. This deep-cleaning system works perfect with most upholstered materials; plus, no soaps or detergents that leave sticky residues means your upholstery will stay looking better for longer.


When scheduling your couch cleaning or other upholstery cleaning services in San Jose, you have the flexibility to choose from several different packages tailored to your specific needs. Discover how Almaden Chem-Dry’s Carpet and Upholstery Protectant Package can safeguard your home from everyday stains, while the Healthy Home Package offers the added benefits of professional strength deodorizer to combat odors effectively. With these options, you can maintain the cleanliness and freshness of your home with ease. Call a local upholstery cleaner in San Jose, CA today with Almaden Chem-Dry.

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Fight Stains with Upholstery Protectant

Given the frequent use of your furniture, spills are bound to happen. To ensure the longevity of your upholstery, it’s wise to inquire with your Almaden Chem-Dry professional in San Jose about the application of Protectant. This protective barrier envelops the fibers, bolstering their resistance against stains. With Almaden Chem-Dry, your furniture will maintain its pristine appearance year-round and require less frequent professional cleanings.

Doesn’t Matter the Material

Almaden Chem-Dry offers a comprehensive furniture cleaning service that can effectively and safely handle any type of couch, whether it is made of suede, leather, denim, or synthetic fibers. For leather furniture, our Certified Leather Specialists not only clean but also restore and protect your upholstery, ensuring its longevity. Our furniture cleaning service is not just about cleaning, it’s about enhancing the overall quality of your couch. The same applies to synthetic material and natural fiber sofas – with Chem-Dry, you have a secret weapon to extend the lifespan and maintain the excellence of your furniture.

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Clean & Protect Package

  • Restores manufacturer-applied stain guard that may have broken down or faded over time
  • Forms protective shield around upholstered furniture fibers
  • Repels most stains, allowing a window of opportunity for you to soak up the spill on your own before it adheres to the furniture fibers
  • Works with a wide range of furniture materials

Deodorizer to Reduce Non-Living Allergens with Healthy Home Package

Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies or asthma, making you more keenly aware of allergens and air quality in your home? Soft furnishings such as couches and chairs are actually beneficial to home health because they act like giant filters that absorb and trap common allergens. But, just like any air filter, they must be properly cleaned to remain most effective at trapping particulates as they settle from the air. Our upholstery cleaning method has been tested and proven by a leading independent air quality laboratory to remove common non-living household allergens from the carpets and upholstery we clean. And the special deodorizer our upholstery cleaners use doesn’t just hide or cover up the odors that have been absorbed into your furniture. It actually removes them, keeping your furniture and air fresh for longer. Our Healthy Home Package is our most thorough and extensive process in deep-cleaning upholstered furniture, making your home safer and healthier for you and your family.

Healthy Home Package: Deodorizer

  • Reduces common non-living allergens from dust mite matter, pet dander, pollen and more
  • Special deodorizer reaches odors absorbed in your furniture so they aren’t just masked — they’re eliminated
  • Works on all kinds of furniture, including: beds, mattress tops, and other household items

The Carbonated Secret Revealed

Chem-Dry® gets your furniture clean by lifting dirt and soil to the surface of your furniture’s fabric. Our powerful extraction equipment swiftly removes contaminants once they are brought to the surface. The secret behind Chem-Dry’s drier and healthier upholstery cleaning lies in the use of millions of tiny effervescent cleaning bubbles. These carbonating solutions effectively penetrate deep into the upholstery, causing dust and dirt to be dislodged from the surface. To ensure a thorough clean, we then employ hot water extraction to eliminate any remaining dirt particles. With Chem-Dry’s safe and non-toxic solutions, your sofas, love seats, couches, and chairs will maintain their pristine condition, just like when they were brand new. Almaden Chem-Dry offers professional upholstery cleaning in San Jose and other surrounding areas like Saratoga, and Los Gatos.

Don’t just take our word for it

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for furniture to dry?

In most cases, the furniture dries within just a couple of hours, but in some cases it may take overnight to fully dry depending on the upholstery’s fabric and how deeply it was cleaned – i.e. heavily stained areas will take longer to dry.

Do you offer protectant or stain guard for upholstery?

Yes, after the upholstery cleaning, you can have the furniture stain guarded with Chem-Dry’s Protectant.

How does Chem-Dry clean upholstery?

We use our proprietary hot carbonating extraction cleaning method, featuring our ECOLOGO Certified cleaner. The carbonated cleaning bubbles release dirt, soil, airborne allergens and spots from the upholstery fibers. Then, we use our extraction equipment to remove the cleaning solution, dirt, soil and airborne contaminants from your furniture, leaving it with a deeper, healthier clean than other alternatives.

How often do upholstery manufacturers recommend that you clean your furniture?

Manufacturers recommend professional upholstery cleanings every 24-48 months. As with carpets, the presence of kids, pets, allergies and asthma in the home necessitates more frequent cleanings to improve air quality and the overall healthiness of the home. If furniture is stained, saturated or has unwanted odor then it is ready for a cleaning.

Why should I have my upholstered furniture professionally cleaned?

In homes that have carpet, up to 80% of the dust and dirt brought into the home can end up in your furniture and upholstered fabrics. Without professional cleaning, this dust and dirt will remain in your carpets and furniture and can become very unhealthy.

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